What Is The magicians’ Advice?

Hello and welcome to our first ever blog. We’re not sure how you found this post but we’re very glad you’re here! You might have found The Magicians’ Advice by listening to our podcasts, or by our online community over on our Facebook page, or through some other means, but whatever brought you here we’re glad you made it!


What is Magician’s Advice? 

Magician’s Advice is a community for all things related to magical entertainment, with a focus on improving each and every magician. 

Our tag line is Honest Advice From Working Magicians. We are all out in the real world working as performers, trying to make a living as performing artists and helping others along the way. 

We started as a podcast back in 2017 when Richard Young’s podcast (The Magician’s Podcast) went on a lengthy break. It is now three years later and we have released well over a hundred episodes of our own, we also have a vlog series called Magicians Advice Recommends, a website, and a listener base of 4000 magical ears across the globe. 

We couldn’t be happier with how things have progressed and our own magic has improved ten-fold through the advice we have covered on the podcast. 


We are the Magician’s Advice team and we are trying to make the world of magic a better place, one shuffle at a time, by helping others as we all journey to become better magicians. 


Who are we? 

We are a team of 4 people, Phil Taylor, Ian Brennan, Rob Scott and Tony Dawson. Phil is the main driving force behind the podcast with Ian as a Co-host, Ian runs the vlog series, Rob is our editor for the podcasts and Tony is in charge of our social media avenues. 

Although we have different roles we are all one strong team and you will often see / hear each of us slipping into each other’s roles as required. 


So are we the experts? 

Yes, and no! We are not the experts in everything by a long shot! 

Three years ago, when we started out, we were working magicians who were trying to make the best of our businesses: We have a passion for performing and want to be the best we can be. 

Over the past three years we have spent over 100 hours discussing magic on our podcasts, (and countless hours unrecorded) working with big names in the industry, seeking out tips and advice for all of us on our journey to be better magicians. We are not the experts in everything but we are always looking to improve, and any advice we find, we share with you. 

We are still working magicians, trying to make the best of our businesses, and we still have a passion for performing: We still want to be the best we can individually  be. We will still continue to seek out advice from those working in the industry and bring that advice to you across our various platforms. 

Whether you are a regular listener or viewer, or whether this is your first time meeting Magician’s Advice, you are very welcome here. Jump on in, drop us a message and let’s get this journey going together to become better magicians. 

See you on the inside. 


Ian, Phil, Rob, & Tony.


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