What are the best close up magic tricks of all time? As a magician its important to find the best magic tricks to perform for our audiences. Below are the top twenty close up magic tricks of the twenty-first century. Magicians who voted compiled the list below.


1. Coins Across

2. Invisible Deck

3. Card To Wallet

4. Stand Up Monte

5. Ring Flight

6. Liquid Forks

7. Crazy Man’s Handcuffs.

8. Chop Cup

9. Double Crossed

10. Two Card Monte

11. Spong Balls.

12. Omin Deck

13. Bill Switch

14. Turbo Stick

15. Level One16. Look Sharp

17. Stickman Bob

18. Twenty First Century Phantom

19. Coinvexed

20. Extreme Burn


Magic has a long history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. It was said one of the first tricks ever performed was the cups and balls, but not in our above list. There are few tried and tested tricks above dating back to the early part of the twenty century. Most of the effects are cutting edge pulled from the minds of talented magicians who are still alive today.



1. Coins Across.


Coming in at number one coins across. There have been many versions of this trick over the years. Witnessing coins jump from one hand to another with no explanation. It’s a feast for the eyes – some would say pure magic. The best coins across I’ve ever witness was Coin Two by Homer Liwag performed by Chad Long.

Check out Chad Long performance below.





2. Invisible Deck.


A classic in magic the invisible deck – the basic effect is a spectator calls out any card the magician produces a deck, and the card called for is the only one face up. Sounds simple and impossible, but there is a reason for its coming in at number two. It’s simple to perform and incredible for a spectator to witness.

Check out a performance of the invisible deck below.



3. Card To Wallet.


When you witness card to wallet for the first time it’s amazing. It’s a piece of magic that will be remembered for years to come by your spectator. The basic effect is a signed playing card jumps from a deck of cards into the magician’s wallet.

Check out a performance of card to wallet by Paul Gordon.



4. Stand Up Monte.


For me, this is the best close up magic trick ever created. Stand Up Monte is a three card effect where cards change places one at a time in impossible ways. It’s based on a gambling game, stunning to watch.

Check out a clip below by Garrett Thomas.



5. Ring Flight.


Number five, ring flight – finally not a card trick. The basic effect is a spectator removes their ring and hands it to the magician. The magician vanishes the ring, they then find the ring on a key ring in the magicians back pocket.

Check out a performance of Dave Bonsall below.


6. Liquid Forks.


Another favorite of mine liquid forks. Popularised by Uri Geller in the early 1970s with the spoon bend, the effect has now moved forward to and progressed into something special: a fork is bent. Basic effect: A spectator witnesses a fork bend right in front of their eyes, they also bend the fork with their mind. My discretion does not do the fork bend justice.



7. Crazy Man’s Handcuffs.


Crazy Man’s Handcuffs is a staple for most professional magicians. It’s easy to do, simple to follow and impossible to witness. The basic effect: The magician locks two rubber bands together so they can’t pass through each other. They are then passed through each other one at a time. It’s an impressive effect to watch and enjoy. It’s that good even David Copperfield performed this on stage.



8. Chop Cup.


The first magic trick ever documented was cups and balls well the chop cup takes in up a notch or two. You only need one cup and ball. The basic effect: A ball is placed into a silver cup, the ball vanishes and is found in the magician’s pocket. The routine then counties with many twists and turns. Paul Daniels was the magician who made the routine popular in the 80s TV hit show. I have left a few clips below with the very best performances of the chop cup.





9. Double Crossed.


One of the most recent magic tricks to hit the working magician’s repertoire is double crossed. It’s an impressive effect where an x is found on a spectator’s hand in impossible ways. Even Dynamo performs double crossed look below.



11. Sponge Balls.


Another staple trick for the working professional magician. Sponge balls have been around for many years popularised by AL Goshman (performance below) the trick has stood the test of time.

The effect: A sponge ball is placed into a spectator’s hand, the balls then multiply into many balls in their hands.



12. Omin Deck.

This is the ultimate end to a card trick. The basic effect is the deck of cards turns into a clear glass block in the spectator’s hands.



13. Bill Switch.

Magic with money is always going to be a winner. The effect is two bank notes switch places with each other whilst you watch the magician’s hands. It looks impossible and seems incredible.



14. Turbo Stick.

Turbo stick is a great close up effect – it’s simple magic trick with a small paddle stick where dots on that jump around at the magician’s command.



15. Level One.


Level one is a significant effect where a deck disappears in the magician’s hands until he is left with one card the selected card. Created by Christian Grace in 2018 its one of the most recent additions to the magic trick world. Crazy visual magic effect.



16. Look Sharp


Look Sharp is a crazy revelation of a playing card. Imagine the pen they signed a card with turning into their there selected card in their hands? Well, that’s what look sharp does.




17. Stickman Bob.


Wow, how can I possibly describe this effect? There is a mini cannon, a card, and fire. It’s probably best to just watch the quick clip below. Created by Kieron Johnson, this effect is a fun packed.




18. Twenty First Century Phantom.


This trick is another working reputation maker magic trick by Oz Pearlman. A spectator thinks of any celebrity and the magicians reveals their thoughts int he most incredible way possible. A true game changer!




19. Coinvexed.


The effect of Coinvexed is simple in plot: Multiple signed coins bend in the spectator’s hands. Created by David Penn this has been a game changer in bending sighed coins. It truly is magic.




20. Extrem Burn.


Extreme Burn created by Richard Sanders is another trick that is used by almost every working professional magician. Imagine showing five ten pound notes on both sides. You lay them out flat in your hands. They then change into fifty-pound notes in front of your spectators. It’s a great bit of magic to perform and even better to watch.



That’s it, my top twenty close up a magic trick of all time. If you are thinking about picking up magic learning one or two of the tricks above is the perfect way to start.

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