There are many magic trick apps on the market, some are remarkable, others are rubbish. You can waste a lot of money buying magic apps. For that reason we have put together a list of the top five magic apps most will work on IOS or Android. I ran a short poll at the Magicians Advice Facebook Group to see what magicians thought was the best app and most reliable. The clear winner with over 80% of the votes was Digital Force Bag by Craig Squires & Nick Einhorn.


Voted The Best Apps

1. Digital Force Bag

2. Inject

3. Wiki Test

4. Ithump/Toxic

5.Card Now


Over the years I have brought many apps and wasted a lot of money buying the next greatest app that will change my magic game and lift me up to the dizzy heights of David Blaine. Its true some apps are brilliant that create OMG moments for your spectators whilst others are just an enormous waste of time and money. In this blog you will learn why most magic apps fail and also save you money and time buying the correct app for your needs.



My Journey Into Magic Apps.


A few years ago in 2017 I brought my first magic app called Marty. It was amazing the magic community was buzzing. This was a significant change. The effect was simple, have a spectator hold a card without them looking you take a photo ask them to name any card and it’s the card they are holding. To a specter it was amazing, for a magician it was even better the pure brilliants of the app and simplest. I think I paid around £40. Marty worked for about six months, but as phones got updated with the latest security software’s, Marty stopped working. The app creator tried his best to update by the time he had fixed the problems another security update would come out and the problem would start again. There are lots of angry magicians who felt robbed of their hard earned cash. He must have made a significate amount of money that never got refunded, to my knowledge. (I’m still waiting for my refund) Read more about the app here 



Once Bitten Twice Shy.


I vowed never to buy another app again. Well, that didn’t last long at all. I was watching a David Blaine special he perform an impressive magic trick that blow my mind. As magicians we often talk about David’s TV performances and someone mentioned it was an app he had created. A few months go by and I totally forget about the trick until I was at a magic convention where another magician performed the same effect as Blaine and told me you can buy the app. Wow, I brought it and can honestly say it’s the best magic app I have ever purchased. Its in the top five below.


What To Think About When Buying A Magic APP.


I always ask myself the following when buy any magic product and its saved me a lot of money.

Do I need the app? Really think about this. Can you see yourself performing this app more than once? Apps are brilliant for the times you have nothing to perform but have your phone on you. I get some very best reactions from a well rehearsed, thought out magic effect, including magic apps.


Does the creator have a track record of supporting his app? There have been a lot of apps that have been created and then never updated. If you’re paying a lot of money you want reassurances that the app will be updated regularly and supported. Don’t just buy the latest app, do some background research on the creator, this will save you money and time.




Top Five Magic App



1. Digital Force Bag


DFB coming in with 80% of the votes has to be the ultimate app for magicians. The basic effect is you can force any word or number on a list in your phone. You can have multiple lists of one hundred items, a spectator can freely say a number between one and one hundred and whatever number they say the force item at that number. As simple as this sounds there are many tricks you can perform with DFB. Created by Nick Einhorn and Craig Squires you don’t need an internet connection to use this app. I use it in my professional performances. Can be used on both Android and IOS.



See what other magicians are saying about Digital Force Bag over at the Magic Cafe



2. Inject 2.0


Inject 2.0 is another app that runs on IOS and Android. Inject 2.0 is the pocket knife of magic apps. There are many effects you can achieve with Inject 2.0. The basic effect is you ask a spectator to search for anything on the internet on their phone. You instantly know what your spectator is searching. You can force images and demonstrate powerful memory techniques there are over 18 effects preloaded you can also customise the app to work with your own website and brand. If you want bang for your buck and an app that has more tricks than Paul Daniels this is the app for you.


See what other magicians are saying about Inject 2.0 over at the Magic Cafe



3. Wiki Test


This is my favorite app of all time. Since the release of Wiki Test this app has updated refined and fully supported by its creator Marc Kerstein. I have performed this effect many times over the years, it has got me many bookings. I love performing Wiki Test. My only criticism is sometimes if there is a weak signal for both you and the spectator the effect can fail, this isn’t down to the app it’s a signal issue from your service provider. The other negative is its only available on IOS. The effect is like a book test on a borrowed smartphone. You ask a spectator to search for any object or person on Wikipedia on their phone, you instantly know what they have searched for. You then ask them to scroll down the page and pick out random word on the page, you know both the word and object they search for. This is an amazing effect and for a professional magician a workers dream. I love it.

To find out more check out IOS

See what other magicians are saying about Wiki Test over at the magic cafe



4. Ithump/Toxic


iTHUMP/Toxic is only available on IOS unfortunately I know little about this app. Other than a lot of magicians rave about the possibilities. I’ve included some sale blub here so you can make an informed decision.

You can perform many types of forces, book tests and item lookups from your own custom lists. Multiple Birthdates, Celebrities, Zodiac and Chinese star signs, Magic Squares and lots of data can be derived from the information being input.


See what other magicians are saying over at the Magic Cafe



5.Card Now


This app has stood the test of time originally released in 2012 Card Now is a brilliant effect where the magicians pulls a business card from his/her phone after they show it on their phone screen. Its the perfect magical way to hand out a business card. Available for IOS Card Now is the perfect introductory magic app.

See what other magicians are saying about the app over at the magic cafe



That’s it our top five magic apps. What ever way you look at magic apps they are here to stay as long as smart phones are around. They are the perfect tool for magicians and in the right hands they are miracles. The only problem you may run into is will the creator support the apps long term. If you are confident, then will then purchase away. There comes a time where you will have too many magic apps that have to cross over functions at that point you really need to consider if the app is worth it or the next big hype.


Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

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