You can become a professional magician within a year and get paid. If you find the correct tricks to perform, practice daily and then market yourself productively then there is nothing stopping you. In this blog you will learn how to become a professional magician in the quickest way.


Steps to become a great magician in under a year.


  1. Research magic tricks.
  2. Practice your magic tricks.
  3. Script your tricks.
  4. Pocket Management
  5. Develop your own style
  6. Market Yourself


Have you ever wanted to amaze people with impossible magic tricks. Lighten up someone’s day unexpectantly. Then there is nothing better than becoming a professional magician. I have been to so many wonderful places and crazy parties, met some fantastic people and got paid because I learn magic. You to can do the same, it’s not be easy, you will need dedication, practice and understanding. If you but the effort in now and then in a year or shorter you can start performing for money.


1.Research magic tricks.

The first thing to think about when becoming a magician is looking at what magic tricks you like. What grabbed your attention in the first place? Did another magician perform a card trick that you thought was amazing? Did you see a magician on stage do something impossible? Think about what you saw that made you think wow id love to do that?

If it was a card tricks that grabbed your attention check a blog I wrote about the 10 of the best card tricks voted by magicians. Learning a few of these card tricks is the perfect starting point – the blog also has YouTube clips of the best magicians performing card tricks to give you an idea of the level of skill required.

You need to have a selection of different close up tricks or stage to become a professional magician.

We polled a bunch of magicians over at the Magicians Advice Facebook Magic to work out what was the best close up magic tricks of all time to check out this blog here.

You only really need to be good at five tricks to perform professionally.


2. Practice your magic tricks.


So you have selected your tricks ordered them from a magician dealer or recommended dealer is Merchants Of Magic and now it time to practice. You need to set some time aside in order to maximums your learning. Practice is the most enjoyable pursuit of any magician, if you don’t enjoy practicing magic then it’s probably not for you (something to think about)

Check out the blog I wrote on How To Practice Magic Tricks I go deep into how to practice correctly.


3. Script your tricks.


Having something interesting to say is important people like to listen to stories and unusual idea. They also love to be fooled by a magician. We need to think about what interests you? What stories do you already have from your life? It’s important to be authentic and stay true to yourself. If you’re struggling to think about original ideas, go to YouTube, check out some Ted Talks about psychology, look back at other magicians. Find a narrative that suits you and your style of magic.

There is great book called scripting magic by Pete McCabe  take a look here.



4. Pocket Management.


Pocket management is the most overlooked process when becoming a professional magician. It’s important to know where your tricks are at all times. Once you have your tricks well rehearsed and practiced its important to flow into the next magic trick without thinking where the prop is. You will need to think about what clothes you will wear when performing magic. Most magicians wear a suit when out gigging professionally. That will depend on your style and age. For me when I perform at someone wedding, I want to look good and blend in with the guests. There are multiple pockets you can use, trouser, ticket pockets on your jeans really give it some thought. Jackets have multiple pockets, left and right breast pocket, they also have a jetted pocket on the outside. Once you orientate yourself and know where you tricks go they have to always live in that same pocket to build a subconscious recall, the last thing you want to do is think where my next trick will be it kills any magical moment you may have build up already. Pocket management is the difference between an amateur magician and professional magician.



5. Develop your own style.


Developing your own style of magic differs from taking a trick from the shelf and doing it the same way as you saw it performed by another magician. It’s the hardest thing to do, it’s easy to copy other magicians act but building your own is something that only comes with experience and time. You really have to know your character inside and then build your act/style around that idea. Selecting tricks that suit your character. If we take for example Colin MacLeod his character is based on Sherlock Holmes the detective, his whole idea is his reading your and trying to figure what you are thinking out. In turn he will only select tricks that are mind reading or have that idea of psychology or hypnosis. It’s hard to develop a style and character but well worth the effort. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and my style of magic.


6. Market Yourself.


This is a big topic within its self one I could write a whole blog about – maybe I will. The first question to ask is where do you want to work? The second what are other magicians doing to secure their work? The third is how do you find customer who want to purchase your service?

Three key areas most close up magicians work are:

1. Weddings

2. Privet Party’s

3. Corporate Events.



Wedding fairs are by far the most accessed way magicians find work. You will need a few things before you go to a wedding fair as a professional magician. Packaging offer different things so the bride and groom can have a choice is important they may need you for their entire day or for two hours at the start of their wedding. Don’t forget it’s about fun and creating laughter for the guests.


Privet Party’s / Mike Stone Birthdays

Private party’s are a little different the primary place to find work as a professional party magician is online Google search. The market is competitive but not totally out of reach, you will need a website with some wonderful photos (a picture is worth a thousand words) videos and testimonials. Also try social media if people are looking at booking a magician they are doing their research they don’t want someone rubbish so make sure you social media is up to date.


Corporate Events

There is high demand for good solid corporate magicians as there are many events where entertainment is needed. Be it at cocktail party, meet and greet or mix and mingle for reward events. Corporate events are

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the most powerful way to advertise yourself. Think about it when someone you know like and trust recommends a product you’re interested in its powerful. If you want to become a professional magician, be the magician they recommend. Perform for as many people you can, build that world of month momentum. The best thing about word of mouth is its free.



Round Up.


If you’ve read this far in the blog, it’s more than likely you have what it takes to become a magician. Magic is hard, but so worth the payoff if you can get it right. There are a lot of things to consider but my best advice would be have fun, it’s not a race enjoy whatever part of the process you’re in and once mastered pass on your knowledge. If it’s written, it will happen.


Thanks for reading.



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