There are many performers offering their services as a Kids magicians but how much should you pay for a professional? How do you know if they are any good? How do you know if they are the best children’s entertainer for your event? It’s difficult to navigate and find the perfect magician for your event, and working with a budget can really be the determining factor. But before you decide on the price, there are a few things to consider and to take into account. It’s important to find the right magician within your budget, but more than that, it’s about finding the very best magician you can afford. I share my tips and tricks below in doing just that.


First Thing’s First: How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Kid’s Magician.


If you’re looking at hiring a kid’s magician or children’s entertainer for your family event, here’s a run down of the prices you could expect to pay.

UK prices:

  • Amateur magician £0-£100
  • Semi-professional magician. £100-£150
  • The professional magician. £150-£400
  • The best magicians.  £400-£2000


USA prices:

  • Amateur magician $0-$130
  • Semi-professional magician. $130-$200
  • The professional magician. $200- $520
  • The best magicians.  $520-$2600



Why Magicians Don’t Display Their Prices.


Most magicians don’t display their prices on their web-sites, mainly because every event is different. When taking a booking they need to take into account the location, how many guests will attend, time of the year, performance length and if any extras are to be included for example balloon models, face painting or party bags.


The Age of Old Saying.


Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”? Well, its same with hiring a kid’s magician for your party. The cheaper they are, the less experience they may have. It’s a gamble. You may save money in the short term but come the day of your event do you want that worry of having an embarrassing magician in front of your child’s friends? There will be areas of crossover where a great kids magician will be available at a cheaper price, and an awesome family entertainer might be a little cheaper than their peers but treat carefully. Do you or due diligence and check that you are happy with the service you are buying and what you expect to get for your money.



How To Tell If The Magician Is Any Good?


It can be tricky and confusing to work out if a children’s entertainer is Good value for money. There are a number of things you can do to make this job a lot easier on yourself.

Begin by creating a short list of magicians you like the look off. Do a Google search for (hire a kids magician) this should limit your search query down. Then follow these handy dandy steps.


  1. Check out their photos and videos. There should be great photos from different events with kids looking amazed and having fun.
  2. Does the magician look like he/she could fit in with your event?
  3. Can you see up-to-date reviews from previous customers? Families are normally good at sharing photos and reviews so their website or Facebook page should have plenty of these to check out.
  4. Have a chat with them. Do you they speak with confidence; do they sound like they know what they are talking about?
  5. Ask for a quote? Do they sound too cheap? Are they too expensive? Do they offer different packages?
  6. Ask if you can you meet with them before your event and speak face to face. Sometimes it is a lot easier to get a feel for the person you are booking if you can speak to them in person.
  7. Are they in the Magic Circle? If not why not?
  8. Do they have public liability insurance? This is something you will almost certainly not need to use but it is worth checking your performer has it, ust in case.
  9. Why Are Professional Kid’s Magicians More Expensive?



To become a professional kid’s magician or family entertainer takes a lot of time and effort. Not only do you have to learn your routines but you need to invest in your props and sets. They should have a professional looking set up with a backdrop and their branding, not just an old suitcase. Professional magicians spend time working in material with live audiences. This takes investment in their time practicing their shows in the real world to get their performance ready for you or little ones party. A Successful family entertainer is not someone who has performed at a couple of house parties but someone who has performed at hundreds of events.

Furthermore a professional will have more costs than the hobbyist as they will be paying for a website, for online advertising, and for new props to keep their show looking fresh. Again it is worth mentioning that a professional kid’s entertainer will also have public liability insurance to cover the event legally should anything go wrong. Some will have a DBS check and most will be a member of Equity. All of these things add value but make the process more secure and the performer more reliable.



Why is An Amateur Kid’s Magician So Cheap To Hire?


An amateur magician is usually cheap because it’s their hobby. They have usually brought a few tricks from their local magic shop or online, and have done a party for their family’s kids and think they are ready  to take on the world.

They usually haven’t spent years refining and practising their craft of magic to provide a polished act which will entertain the children as well. There is nothing wrong with that but it is something to beware of.

If your event is low key and on a budget, these amateur kid’s magicians could work perfectly for you. But if you are hosting a big event and you want everyone to be raving about it afterwards then you usually want the very best.

To find an excellent selection of amateur magicians at good prices, check out local magic clubs as the president of the club if there is anyone up and coming he would recommend. At the start of the conversation, tell the president how much you have for a budget so he can advise his members, you will do him/her a favour as well to help the amateur magician gain experience.



Should you hire an amateur Kid’s Magician?


Yes! If you are on a tighter budget or looking to give a younger performer a chance then go for it. Do your checks as mentioned above so that you know what you are hiring then you’ll be OK. Some amateur magicians who are staring out might even work in return for photos and video of the event so consider offering these to bring the price down even further.

Should you hire a professional Kid’s Magician?

Absolutely! A professional kid’s entertainer is the way to a hassle free event with no stress. Do your checks and book a professional to take charge of the party.  If you are really tight on budget consider offering photos from the event and to video the show but don’t be offended if they turn you down. Most professionals might meet you halfway on this and bring their own camera person to do the filming with your permission meaning they get good quality footage and you get a slight discount.



Round Up.


Hopefully, you’ve found your answer in the above blog. There are many kid’s magicians out there at a huge range of price points. Take your time to research the entertainer you would like for your event and work out the budget you have to play with. Planning ahead of time can make a huge difference as often the best magicians are booked up a long time in advance.


Thanks for reading.

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