With hundreds of options available out there, hiring a magician can be a tricky business.

There are many questions you need to ask to find the best magician for your event. How much will it cost? Where do you look? How do I know if they are any good? What type of Magician do you need? All brilliant questions. It’s difficult to navigate and find the perfect magician for your event, and working with a budget can really be the determining factor. But before you decide on the price, there are a few things to consider and to take into account. It’s important to find the right magician within your budget, but more than that, it’s about finding the very best magician you can afford. I share my tips and tricks below in doing just that.



First Thing First, How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Magician.


  • Amateur magician £0-£150
  • Semi-professional magician. £250-£500
  • The professional magician. £450-£1000
  • The best magicians.  £800-£2000
  • TV Magician. £30.000-£100.000

USA Magician Hire Prices

  1. Amateur magician $0-190
  2. Semi-professional magician. $230-$640
  3. The professional magician. $570-$1300
  4. The best magicians.  $1200 – $5000
  5. TV Magician. $40.000- $140.000



Why Magicians Don’t Display Their Prices.


Most magicians don’t display their prices on their web-sites, mainly because every event is different. When taking a booking they need to take into account the location, how many guests will attend, time of the year, performance time and performance type (close up magic or stage).

The Age of Old Saying

You get what you pay for? Well, its same with hiring a magician. The cheaper they are, the less experience they may have. Its a gamble. You may save money in the short term but come the day of your event do you want that worry of having an embarrassing magician?



How To Tell If The Magician Is Any Good?


Create a short list of magicians you like the look off. Do a Google search for (hire a local magician) this should limit your search query down.

1. Check out their photos and videos. There should be great photos from different events with guests looking amazed and having fun.

2. Does the magician look like he/she could fit in with your event? Can you invasion them mixing with the guests. Do you see them fitting in?

3. Reviews, can you see up-to-date reviews from previous customers? You should see reviews like these.

4. Have a chat with them. Do you they speak with confidence, do they sound like they know what they are talking about?

5. Ask for a quote? Do they sound too cheap? Are they too expensive? Do they offer different packages?

6. Can you meet with them before your event?

7. Are they in the Magic Circle? If not why not?



Why Are Professional Magician Expensive?


It takes decades of dedication to become a professional magician you have to learn sleight of hand, rehearse daily, seven hours a day, seven days a week. You then need to find your character and learn to perform as that extended version of you. Most professional magicians have to study under a master magician and learn his style of magic before they can find their own path into the world of performing arts this takes many years of development.

Depending on what style of magic you are performing, professional props can be expensive to get hold off and hard to find. You then have to connecting with the prop so you can perform a polished act, this can take a lifetime of work. Most professional magicians will continue their study of magic so they can offer new ideas, attending lectures and seminars, often flying around the world to secret locations. It takes many years of dedication and practise to become a true professional magician.



Why is An Amateur Magician So Cheap To Hire?


An amateur magician is usually cheap because it’s his hobby. He has usually brought a few tricks from Blackpool or Las Vegas strip and has fooled some of his family members. They usually haven’t spent years refining and practising their craft of magic to provide a polished act, and there is nothing wrong with that. If your event is low key and on a budget, they could work perfectly for you. But if you’re getting married and have all your loved ones in one room, you usually want the very best. To find an excellent selection of amateur magicians at good prices, check out local magic clubs as the president of the club if there is anyone up and coming he would recommend. At the start of the conversation, tell the president how much you have for a budget so he can advise his members, you will do him/her a favor as well to help the amateur magician gain experience.



How Much Does Wedding Magician Cost To Hire?


It depends on many factors where you are getting married, time of year and how long you require. If you just require the photos, covering you may only need an hour’s performance time that is going to be considerably cheaper than entertaining for the whole evening. Parlor shows will cost more as they take longer to prepare and require more equipment. It’s always best to get quotes after you have found the magicians you like. Usually the cost of a decent magician is somewhere between £400 – £650 or $500 -$830.



How Much Does A Close Up Magician Cost To Hire?


A good close up magician will cost anywhere between £400 – £1000 or $500-$1300 this will depend on his level of training and skill, also the magic he/she will be performing. There are different close up magician some specialising in mind reading and psychological illusions and other will perform more traditional magic with cards and everyday objects like mobile phones, rings and coins. There are also different events a magician can perform at, like festivals, private parties, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvah, and charity events. If you have the time, you can find a specialist magician who will have a lot of experience and provide quality magic tricks and entertainment.



How Much Does A Cruise Ship Magician Cost To Hire?


The cost can vary depending on the level of experience the performer has. For two shows per week, the starting price is around £1500 – $2000. Booking a named act or BGT/AGT act will start from £3000 – $4000 and upwards.

You can also fly in acts for farewell shows for two twenty minutes slots costing around £4000 – $5000.



How Much Does A Magical Host Cost To Hire?


A magical host is a fairly new thing, it is basically a Compère who helps host the evening and in-between acts will perform a magic tricks to keep the order of the event running smoothly, offering something different and visual. To hire a magical Compère they start from £1500 – $2000 and again depending on level experience can go upwards of £3000 – $4000.



How Much Does A Corporate Magician Cost To Hire?


Hiring a magician to perform close up or stage magic will be vastly different in price. A stage magician will cost much more, as they will usually have larger props that have been custom made and shipped in. It also depends on how long the show will be a forty-five minute show could cost as much £5000 and upwards. They will usually have a stage manager and assistants to help support the act with lighting and audio technicians. It takes much more time and expense to perform a stage act. A close up magician will cost a lot less than a stage magician as they will usually perform their magic at mix and mingle cocktail events. The cost for a corporate stage magician can be between £750 – £5000 or $1000 – $5000.



How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Celebrity Magician?


Booking a celebrity of any sorts can cost tens of thousands of pounds or dollars depending on how relevant they are at the time. For example, it would be very difficult to hire Darren Brown as there are only two questions you can really ask. Is Darren Brown free on the date you require and do you have the budget to hire him. The cost to hire a celebrity magician will be upwards of £30.000-£100.000 $40.500-$130.000. You would normally have to go through a specialist agency to contact them and they will require a rider and items. For your guests, it can be an amazing experience to have a celebrity magician come along to their event. After all it’s not every day, you get to rub shoulders with a celeb.



Round Up.


Hopefully, you’ve found your answer in the above blog. There are many types of magicians with different prices, the first thing to think about is what event you are hosting and then budget accordingly. Hiring the correct magician can be a tricky feet but you should be armed with all the knowledge you need to book the perfect magician for your next event.

If you would like to find out more about what I offer please check out my web-site www.magicianscorner.co.uk or to see my google reviews, look here reviews.

Thanks for reading.


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