About the episode

Ricky is a magician who performs fun upbeat magic, leaving his clients with both amazing memories and impossible objects. Ricky is also know for his  watch stealing and his Instagram account is full of photos with  unsuspecting spectators who have been relieved of their jewellery. In this episode the magicians talk about: how to keep your magic upbeat and fun; how and when to give away impossible objects; how to go about stealing watches; wedding awards; and behind the  scenes running a magic club. Ricky is both a member of The Magic Circle, and president of the Peterbrough Society of Magicians   More about Ricky Locke  http://www.rickylocke.co.uk/#ricky More about the Peterborough Society  of Magicians:  http://www.psmagicians.org.uk/default.php and here’s their Facebook



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