Ep135: Sean Heydon. Stand Up, Casinos & Getting Gigs!

About the episode

Sean Heydon joins Ian Brennan for this podcast where Sean shares loads of advice and tips for us all.

In this episode you will find out about how Sean got into the stand up circuit, how he markets himself to potential bookers and how he offers extra value to clients to ensure he is the one they turn to. Sean talks about his upcoming show which will be happening as soon as Covid restrictions ease and he talks about his journey on BGT.

At the time of recording Sean was still in the BGT process but at the time of release the BGT journey has ended for Sean for the time being. 

Sean also, very generously, offered his ebook to listeners. check out the episode and follow the instructions to grab yourself a copy of The One Minute Magic Business free of charge.

Huge thanks to Sean for his time and advice in this episode. We hope you enjoy it.

Sean’s website:   and on Facebook



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