Ep132: Mind2Mind, Pure Connection and Second Sight!

About the episode

​Marina and James are Mind2Mind, possibly the best Second Sight act in the world! In this podcast we chat together about their journey to becoming a household name in Dubai and how they have honed their act to the point where they are now in high demand and performing for huge celebrities.

During the recording we were privileged to witness the act first hand. It was amazing! However, it didn’t translate to a good audio experience. Even though there was no way a magician could work out how Marina was seeing through James’ eyes, after talking with Mind2Mind we decided that it was best to remove the performance from the podcast and instead direct you to videos where you can see for yourself what the act looks like.

You can find those videos hereclick here

Keep your eyes on Mind2Mind: we wouldn’t be surprised if they are a worldwide name in the near future! They are going to be huge!


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