7 Places To Find Free Magic.
Here at the Magicians’ Advice we are all about supporting out art by purchasing magic from creators. We recommend you get to know magic shops and build a relationship with the best ones so you know you can trust their opinions and recommendations.
But when you are starting out you might need some resources to get you going and to train your brain to start to think like a magician. Maybe you’ve got a young person in your family who is looking into magic but you don’t want to drop a load of money into the hobby without knowing what you’re getting.
We have trawled the internet on your behalf and found 7 places you can find decent magic resources, free of charge! Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a more established magician on a budget, check these out!

Magic Shops
These magic retailers all offer free downloads. They will either be a pop up when you access their site requesting you sign up, or, there will be a button on the home page somewhere for it.
Check them out! If you’re worried about filling up your inbox with spam emails then set up a new email account just for this. 😉
1. Vanishing Inc. https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/
2. Penguin Magic. https://www.penguinmagic.com/
3. Alakazam. https://www.alakazam.co.uk/
4. Ellusionist https://www.ellusionist.com/
5. Merchant of Magic. https://www.magicshop.co.uk/
6. Dude That’s Cool Magic http://dudethatscoolmagic.co.uk/

Content Creators

7. There are various content creators offering free magic tutorials. Be careful with these as they are sometimes taught badly and often referenced incorrectly. Some are just plain rip-offs of other people’s material. One solid place to start with online tutorials that we would recommend is Jay Sankey: He has a wealth of his own material for you to check out for free, and any material that is from other magicians is, almost always, referenced correctly. Find Jay on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jay.sankey

If there are any we have missed just let us know. Enjoy.