The Best Magicians on Britain’s Got Talent.


It was a slow start for magicians on Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell didn’t particularly like magic acts in the early days of until 2011 when David Penn changed the course for magicians on BGT forever. David Penn and Karen Tomkins’s got through to the semi-finals with a stunning water tank illusion. This started the ball rolling until finally a magician won BGT in 2016 Richard Jones.


In this blog you will learn who magicians think are the best magic acts to perform on BGT. I took the poll from the Magician Advice Facebook Group in 2020 to find out what the magic community really thought.

Best Magicians On BGT
1.Marc Spellman
2.John Archer
3.Jamie Raven
4.Matt Edwards
5.Ben Hart
6.Darcy Oake
7.James Piper
8.Mandy Muden
9.Matt Johnson
10.Christian Lee


1, Marc Spellman


Coming in at number one on the the best magicians on BGT, Marc Spellman is the clear winner for magicians. With two amazing performances on BGT, both very different Marc is a pure genius when it comes to creating an unique act. Marc was the second ever magician to win the golden buzzer and was a semi-finalist in 2018. Marc then returned as X in 2019 again, this time getting through to the finals. Check out a few performances below.



2, John Archer


The British public saw John Archer perform on Britain’s Got Talent 2019. He made it to the semi-finals with a great lottery prediction magic trick and comedy brilliance. John is a true gentleman we were lucky enough to have John join us on the magicians advice podcast.

No wonder he is number two on the best magicians on Britain’s Got Talent list.




3, Jamie Raven,


Coming in number three on the the best magicians on BGT list, Jamie Raven finishing in second place series 9, 2015. Jamie took close up magic tricks that most magicians know and made them into something much bigger. He has since sparked a wave of close up magicians auditioning on BGT. Clocking up over 25 million views on his first audition, one of the best. If you haven’t seen Jamie’s performances and how he made a helicopter appear, take a look below.





4, Matt Edwards


Number four on the the best magicians on BGT list, Matt Edwards act was one of the funniest acts I’ve ever seen on BGT. Appearing on series 11 he was the first magician to receive the golden buzzer from Ant and Dec. Coming in 4th place with his crazy amazing act.




5, Ben Hart

Ben Hart amazed audiences with his stunning audition in 2019 on series thirteen, where he went on to the semi-finals.

Ben then returned to perform in the champions of BGT. If you haven’t checked the egg trick out then you’re in for a treat. (properly one of my favorite auditions ever)

For me Ben’s act was a true talent that why he is on the the best magicians on BGT list.






6, Darcy Oake


Darcy Oake stunned audiences on Britain’s Got Talen with his Jaw Dropping Dove Illusion in 2014. He came 5th in the finals with his impressive act. Then returning in 2019 with a heart breaking tribute to his older brother. “A picture is worth a thousand words”





7, James Piper


James and his son Dylan Piper made it all the way to the finals during 2020, series 14 of BGT. They warmed the hearts and souls of Britain during the pandemic, performing some great magic. With five other magicians that are not include on the the the best magicians on BGT list.





8, Mandy Muden


Comedy genius Mandy Muden reached the semi-final with her funny act in Series 12. Check it out below.




9, Matt Johnson


Matt Johnson performed his amazing escape act and go all the way to the semi-finals on series 12 of BGT. Matt is also a great sleight-of-hand artist, producer of magic tricks.



10, Christian Lee

Christian went all the way to the semi- finals on BGT 2016 clocking over 500 million YouTube hits with his amazing comedy act. If you ever want a master class in how to handle an audience, this is it.



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