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Who is Phil Taylor:

Phil is a close up magic performer who has developed a very strong reputation with his clients, and, as a result, is booked for a wide range of high end events including weddings, corporate events and black tie functions. Phil is most at home with a deck of cards in his hands and is know for not only making the impossible happen but for his banter and quick wit when entertaining. Phil is at home with everyone in the room from the highest ranking CEO to the most humble worker.


Who is Ian Brennan:

Ian started his magic career as a close up performer and spends most of his time bringing his mix and mingle magic to weddings and black tie parties. As well as this you can find him performing his solo parlour show in Dudley called Impossibly Possible.  Ian also performs for family audiences under the name A Hat Full Of Magic, he is  a Magic Circle member and his articles, effects and essays are published in The Magic Circular each month.  Ian has recently released a book called “Magical Musings”.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor


Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan


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